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Property Management
Services in Marbella

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  • Maintenance, construction, reforms, decoration… all services related to your home.
  • Monitoring empty homes or empty land sites. The work here involves monitoring the property and ensuring that it’s safe and secure, and reporting back to the owner.
  • Legal, accounting and tax advices to community of owners, as well as to the owners that comprise it.
  • The managment of insurance and accounting services for homeowner communities and their neighboring members, and the managment of
    property assets of all kinds.

We have more than 40 clients established in Marbella of the quality of our work.

We combine experience and we aware that the most important thing is the treatment and quality offered to the client.


Discover the difference with AVANTI

At Avanti, located in the vibrant city of Marbella, our team of skilled operatives brings together a wealth of experience, with over twelve years in property maintenance, small-scale construction projects, and property management. Their extensive knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Avanti’s esteemed reputation as a trusted and friendly service provider in the industry. Committed to delivering excellence, our dedicated team takes great pride in offering personalized care and attention to meet all your property needs. Experience the Avanti difference, where we elevate your property management experience to new heights.


Property maintenance

Our Property Management Services offer a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to all your maintenance.

Construction - Reforms

Our construction and reform services provide expert guidance and execution

Interior design

we offer personalized design solutions that elevate your interiors, making your house feel like a home.

Legal experts

Our Property Management Services offer expert advice and support to both community members and individual property owners.